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Our multidisciplinary team advises both local and international companies in the retail and consumer product industries, including major national retail networks, DIY market players and international retailers.

  • Conclusion of lease agreements for warehouses and retail premises

  • Legal support and counselling during purchase/sale of shopping centers and supermarkets

  • Legal support and counselling when attracting financing and construction of trading platforms

  • Settlement of insurance claims

  • Advising on commercial contracts

  • Development of contracts for e-commerce

  • Organization of online trading activities

  • Legal support and counselling during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of stores by the consumer protection authorities


Today we are working on projects for more than 400 active clients

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Founded in 1997, Ilyashev & Partners is one of the most prominent law firms in the Eastern European region. Today, Ilyashev & Partners employs more than 150 people in Ukraine and Estonia with its offices and representatives in Kyiv, Tallinn, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Odesa. The firm has been recognized by the most prestigious legal market research guides, according to which it occupies a leading position in the markets of Ukraine and Estonia.


We provide assistance by:

  1. Helping at any stage of the project.
  2. Discussing the task with you, analyzing all prospects and risks.
  3. Thorough studying of the problem, taking into account the special aspects of your business activities.
  4. Developing a strategy, suggesting solutions and action plan.

“The success of our firm results from the professionalism and expertise of our team”

Roman Marchenko, Senior Partner


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    • Ukrainian Law Firms 2020. A Handbook for Foreign Clients Recommended Firm in Retail

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    Professional liability insured

    “In the entire history of our firm, there has not been a single insured event”

    Mikhail Ilyashev, Managing Partner

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