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Valeriia Gudiy Holds a Lecture in European Business Association on Organization of Work of Enterprises in Combat Operations Territories

News date: 28 April 2023

On April 27, 2023, Counsel at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm Valeriia Gudiy presented an online lecture on “Employing People in a Territory That is Experiencing Combat Operations”. The event was organized by the educational platform EBA Management Development Centre.

Valeriia Gudiy noted that under war conditions the legislation can help optimize the work of enterprises located in the territories where hostilities are taking place. Employers, on their part, must ensure proper conditions for their employees to continue working. Employers can also change the working regime of employees by establishing part-time work, organizing remote work, downtime, and suspending employment contracts.

“Employees are not entitled to dictate the terms of their employment to the employer. The employer determines the procedures for the work of employees to ensure the proper organization of the enterprise under war conditions, the preservation of the positions of the employees, and their opportunity to earn a living,Valeriia Gudiy emphasized. – Employer has a variety of options for maintaining the efficient operation of its business and turning a profit.”

As Valeriia pointed out, employers rarely suspend the employment contract, but if an employer cannot guarantee work to its employee and the employee is unable to perform certain tasks, this is the best option. Suspension of such a kind is only possible during martial law’s term.

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