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UKROBORONPROM Has Settled the Maters of Distribution of Positions of the President and the Chief Designer – Lawyer


Roman Marchenko, Attorney at Law, Senior Partner at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm
Source: Interfax

Марченко Роман ВикторовичThe State Concern UKROBORONPROM has prepares new version of the Charter of the State Enterprise ANTONOV (Kyiv) which divided the positions of the President and the Chief Designer of the SE. According to the opinion of Roman Marchenko, the Senior Partner at Ilyashev & Partners

Law Firm (which advises SE ANTONOV in various legal matters), the said division must positively influence the development of the renowned Ukrainian designing institution and manufacturer of aircrafts in Ukraine.

“According to the new Charter the SE, which is at the stage of its registration at the moment, the President shall be responsible for financial and production matters and the Chief Designer – for design of the products. Such practice is not new: it existed at the enterprise from the moment when the aviation giant was established”, – Roman Marchenko said to Interfax Ukraine on Tuesday.

Specifying the situation with new chief manager of SE ANTONOV the lawyer commented that: “Within the transfer of SE ANTONOV from under control of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (the “the MEDT”) under control of UKROBORONPROM (which ended last week) the State Concern, which is logical, undergone the change of its management. Until the moment of competitive selection of the manager of the strategic enterprise the Deputy President-Chief Designer Mr. Dmytro KIVA (who was approved at this position by the mentioned Ministry in February) was replaced by the Deputy President-Chief Designer Mr. Mykhailo Gvozdiev”.

“Considering for the fact that in the face of ongoing military conflict with the former main ordering customer and the partner in aircraft industry effective work of the company to a large extent depends on the quantity of government orders, appointment of the People’s Deputy from the pro-president party to the position of the Chief of SE ANTONOV enhances the likelihood of obtaining by the company of additional budget financing and realization of the state programs. The aforesaid offers hopes for successful and civilized lobbying of the company’s interests” – Mr. Marchenko said.

At the same time the lawyer remarked that no one said “no” to the competition to fill the position of the Chief of SE ANTONOV, i.e. the President.

 “The competition to fill the vacancy will be organized now by UKROBORONPROM, but not by the MEDT. It is understood that the terms and the applicants will be different,” – he highlighted.

According to the Partner of Ilyashev and Partners Law Firm the position of the Chief Designer of SE ANTONOV was left after Mr. Kiva.

“Dmytro KIVA is a valuable specialist who has immense experience and contacts both in Ukraine and abroad. The decision to leave him at the position of the Chief Designer is a definite advantage. Succession of skilled workers must be welcomed: any competent evolution is better than chaotic revolution”, – he pointed out.

Mr. Marchenko also clarified that the Statement of claim, earlier filed by the trade unions of SE ANTONOV to the Administrative Court in Kyiv against the MEDT in relation to introduction of amendments to the company’s Charter without their coordination with labor collective, was withdrawn and the court proceedings were ceased.

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