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The Legal 500 – EMEA 2024 Recommends Ilyashev & Partners for Work in Ukraine

News date: 28 March 2024

The Legal 500 – EMEA 2024 ranks Ilyashev & Partners as the country’s leading law firm. The reputable international survey rated Ilyashev & Partners highly in all 12 practice areas evaluated in Ukraine. The firm holds prestigious Tier 1 recognition in Dispute Resolution for Ukraine for 12 years running.

Recommendations in the ranking published on March 27, 2024 received the following practice areas and firm’s experts:

Competition – tier 1
Leading individuals: Oleksandr Fefelov

According to one of the clients, Ilyashev & Partners ‘is strong professional team specialised in different relevant areas. The firm keeps to deadlines and responds very quickly’.

Clients recommend Partner, Head of Antitrust and Competition Practice Oleksandr Fefelov as a ‘client-orientated, multi-faceted, highly-qualified specialist’.

Dispute Resolution – tier 1
Hall of Fame: Mikhail IlyashevRoman Marchenko
Rising stars:
 Oleh Trokhymchuk

Clients call Ilyashev & Partners as a ‘very proactive and creative law firm in litigation. We were fully satisfied with their support in difficult cases’.

The team has an exceptionally efficient dispute resolution practice covering a broad range of areas. Their ability to resolve disputes effectively sets them apart. They dig deep into every case and leave no stone unturned. Every little detail is meticulously handled to ensure success’, says the source.

Clients note that ‘Ilyashev & Partners understand the dynamics of business and craft solutions that align with its goals. They bring together deep industry and legal knowledge to provide us with the winning edge’.

Intellectual Property – tier 1

The team of Ilyashev & Partners includes ‘exceptional professionals’. ‘Their commitment to delivering top-notch outcomes, coupled with their unwavering passion for IP and IT, make them a true standout in the field. I can confidently vouch for the outstanding quality they consistently bring to the table’, the source notes.

According to the client, Mikhail Ilyashev and his staff ‘exemplify professionalism and integrity’.

The source notes that Ilyashev & Partners ‘consistently delivered outstanding results. Backed by their extensive knowledge, there’s no doubt that their expertise will serve you well in any legal issue you may face’.

International Trade – tier 1
Leading individuals: Olena Omelchenko

According to the source, ‘astute legal strategies of Ilyashev & Partners have not only protected national producers but have also yielded positive outcomes’.

Other clients recommend Ilyashev & Partners team ‘for their outstanding performance and unwavering dedication during the war. Despite the adversities faced, the team has consistently demonstrated remarkable efficiency and a client-oriented mindset’.

Clients describe Partner, Head of International Trade Practice Olena Omelchenko as ‘an incredible professional with a knack for cross-functional collaboration and top-notch communication skills’. ‘Olena Omelchenko is a name that resonates with authority and respect to all Ukrainian manufacturers, making her a go-to choice for legal expertise. Her team played a crucial role in sustaining production and jobs’, says the source.

White-Collar Crime – tier 1
Leading individuals: Mikhail IlyashevRoman Marchenko

According to the client, ‘the distinctive prowess of Ilyashev & Partners, particularly in their white-collar crime practice, is truly unparalleled. What stands out most prominently is their unique blend of astute legal acumen, strategic perspective, and unwavering commitment to client advocacy. The source notes that ‘the practice of Ilyashev & Partners underlines an intrinsic understanding of both the subtleties of white-collar litigation and the broader strokes of international criminal law, crafting an indefatigable defence mechanism for their clients’.

Clients describe the team of Ilyashev & Partners as a ‘diverse, multi-talented team which is not just proficient in the law but also excels in navigating the complex, often opaque corridors of regulatory and compliance frameworks, delivering not just legal solutions but also strategic counsel that is critical for business sustainability and growth’.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets – tier 2

The firm’s team ‘distinguishes itself thanks to its partner-led service and long-standing relationship with some of the most prominent law firms around the globe. It excels at getting deals done efficiently, even in difficult circumstances’.

According to the source, ‘co-operation with the firm ensures gaining a reliable partner in legal matters and the stability of the timely delivery of quality services at reasonable budgets’.

Commercial, Corporate and M&A – tier 2
Hall of Fame: Mikhail Ilyashev
Leading individuals: Roman Marchenko

Clients recommend Ilyashev & Partners ‘as a well reputed law firm’. ‘The team has a strong understanding of the legal landscape backed by solid transactional on-the-ground expertise. The firm provides good partner attention on any mandate, and maintains an extensive international network of professional service providers. We appreciate its delivery level and highly-qualified department’, the source notes.

Mikhail Ilyashev ‘is very knowledgeable and well versed in the corporate law in Ukraine. Mikhail and his team have a very deep knowledge of commercial realities which allows them to advise on the full range of legal aspects. Mikhail is creative, deal-driven, and business-minded’. According to the other client, ‘Mikhail Ilyashev has an exquisite reputation in the legal sphere. He demonstrates creativity and strategic involvement in our decision-making process, extraordinary proficiency in the business arena’.

Roman Marchenko ‘is a brilliant strategist who finds a way out and a creative solution in any difficult situation. Roman is a genius of time management and organisation’. ‘Roman Marchenko is an incredible legal mind, one of the top corporate lawyers in the country. He combines thorough knowledge, creative thinking, organisational skills and vast experience’, the other source notes.

Employment – tier 2

The employment practice team has ‘excellent level of client service and quality of services provided’.

Clients call Partner Valeriia Gudiy ‘a high-level professional’. ‘Her support was professional, competent and quick. She hears the client and generates a number of applicable solutions/options for consideration’, says the source.

Energy – tier 2

‘Ilyashev & Partners is a super professional and decent legal partner’. The clients note ‘the team’s profound technical understanding coupled with its commitment to excellence’.

According to one of the sources, Mikhail Ilyashev has ‘unparalleled expertise in the energy sector’.

Private Client – tier 2
Leading individuals: Mikhail IlyashevRoman Marchenko

‘The team is highly professional, creative, loyal and effective’. ‘Ilyashev & Partners value your privacy above all else. The firm’s lawyers prioritise strict adherence to confidentiality, promoting an environment of trust where you can openly discuss your most personal and sensitive matters’, the source notes.

Roman Marchenko ‘is very understanding of a client’s needs and shows a creative approach to solving problems’.

Real Estate and Construction – tier 2
Rising stars: Dmytro Hrybov

‘Ilyashev & Partners has set a benchmark for handling complex legal issues in real estate and construction. A well-coordinated team, armed with a high level of expertise, which is well versed in issues of land allocation, lease agreements, and privatisation. They meticulously handle our requests, leaving no stone unturned while offering swift feedback’.

Mikhail Ilyashev and Roman Marchenko ‘have established themselves as highly influential advisors in real estate acquisition, registration, lease, and management’, says the source.

Tax – tier 2
Leading individuals: Roman Marchenko

The tax practice team ‘commitment to delivering top-notch client-service has earned them a well-deserved reputation’. ‘When it comes to tax expertise, Ilyashev & Partners go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind. Their quick understanding, swift work delivery, and excellent interpersonal contacts are unmatched’.

According to the source, Roman Marchenko ‘is the embodiment of confidence and competence. With his exceptional multitasking skills, he effortlessly tackles numerous complex legal challenges simultaneously’.

Clients describe Head of Tax Law Practice Ivan Maryniuk as ‘a highly skilled and promising lawyer excelling in the complex realm of international taxation. Ivan has a knack for resolving the most challenging tax issues. With a focus on delivering exceptional client service, Ivan has consistently exceeded expectations’.