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The Legal 500 – EMEA 2020 Recommends Ilyashev & Partners for Work in Ukraine and Russia

News date: 16 April 2020

The international ranking The Legal 500 – EMEA 2020 recommends Ilyashev & Partners as the leading law firm in Ukraine. According to independent survey Ilyashev & Partners holds leading positions in Competition, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, International Trade, White-Collar Crime, Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Employment, Private Client, Real Estate and Construction, Tax, Energy. Second year in a raw, The Legal 500 recommends firm’s Restructuring and Insolvency practice in Russia.

Competition – tier 1
Next Generation Partners: Oleksandr Fefelov
The team is known for its ‘strong industry expertise and knowledge of local regulations‘. It ‘achieves results every time they take an assignment’.

Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘a very strong lawyer in the Ukrainian market. He is very solution-oriented and he has an ability to drive processes in a timely manner. He’s got industry knowledge and the capacity to handle very large transactions’. Oleksandr Fefelovhas exceeded our expectations, displaying excellent service and spot-on advice in competition issues’ and he is ‘as a results-oriented and competent expert with broad transactional and competition experience’.

Dispute Resolution – tier 1
Leading individuals: Mikhail Ilyashev, Roman Marchenko
Rising stars: Oleh Trokhymchuk
Ilyashev & Partners is ‘known all over Ukraine as the best in dispute resolution‘ and ‘it has the best attorneys in the country. They are very pleasant in their communication and their work, and they fulfil their tasks incredibly professionally and promptly’.

Roman Marchenko and Mikhail Ilyashevare superstars in dispute resolution’, they are ‘the most famous lawyers in the country’. According to the source ‘there is no better defence counsel in the courts’. Roman Marchenko is ‘a true leader and fighter. He always brings the matter to the end and achieves the right result’. Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘very creative and co-operative’. ‘He understands both the legal details and the commercial nuances of matters’.

Intellectual Property – tier 1
Leading individuals: Oleksandr Padalka, Irina Kirichenko
Known predominantly for its strong IP litigation capability, the firm is expanding its commercial IP expertise to handle the management of IP portfolios, trade mark and patent prosecution, enforcement, franchising and licensing.

Ilyashev & Partners has expanded its IP practice with the recruitment of the experienced Oleksandr Padalka as counsel from Sayenko Kharenko. Client said that ‘the slogan of Ilyashev & Partners is “Creation of Solutions”. It is true in real life: this team would like to understand deeply the client’s business and find very creative and unusual ways to achieve success through complex suggestions’. Irina Kirichenko is ‘a unique specialist who knows the pharmaceutical market, intellectual property and advocacy’.

International Trade – tier 1
Leading individuals: Olena Omelchenko
The team ‘delivers remarkable work and has an excellent reputation in international trade‘ and it is ‘good for strong legal analysis and highly motivated representation’. The client said that ‘firm has a full understanding of the local regulatory environments and market drivers’. Ilyashev & Partners has ‘an outstanding reputation’. They are ‘definitely one of the top law firms in Ukraine’. The firm is ‘good for strong legal analysis and highly motivated representation’.

Olena Omelchenko is ‘a true professional in international trade. She is a serious, diligent person, very attentive to details’. She is ‘well-connected, always willing to go the extra mile to secure a result’ and ‘a highly strategic manager, who has the respect and confidence of local officials as well as her peers’.

White-Collar Crime – tier 1
Leading individuals: Mikhail Ilyashev, Roman Marchenko
Ilyashev & Partners ‘has gained exceptional experience over the last ten years on a number of large international banking fraud cases‘. One client remarks that ‘no law firm is Ukraine is likely to compete in terms of practical litigation and criminal prosecution experience‘ and ‘its lawyers are of the highest quality and a true pleasure to deal with’. The team is ‘diligent, knowledgeable, with lots of experience in the financial industry’. It is ‘extremely prepared and delivers timely and user-friendly service in all cases they handle’.

Roman Marchenko is ‘a phenomenon and the first point of contact for any work in that region’.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets – tier 2
The team is ‘particularly strong on the regulatory aspects of banking and finance, and it is very responsive and responsible’. According to the source ‘each of these specialists understands both the legal details and the commercial nuances of matters. All team members are very professional and creative lawyers, open-minded and client-oriented. It is important to note that the lawyers of Ilyashev and Partners are fully involved in the work and well-motivated – they really care about the client and about getting positive results’.

Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘a highly reliable expert in terms of transactional skills’. Roman Marchenko is ‘an excellent attorney and a big name in the legal landscape’.

Commercial, Corporate and M&Atier 2
Leading Individuals:Mikhail Ilyashev, Roman Marchenko, Oleksandr Padalka
Rising Stars: Leonid Gilevich
The firm provides ‘strong follow up, effective client support and dedication to project success’. Ilyashev & Partners ‘has covered the full spectrum of corporate and M&A work for our groups of companies. The team is very knowledgeable and probably one of the best in the market. They put a lot of effort into being one or two steps ahead’.

Mikhail Ilyashev and Roman Marchenko are ‘a real dream team, top-level professionals’. Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘a creative and business-minded leader when engineering complex schemes’. Roman Marchenko is ‘a talented specialist and manager who always achieves the desired result for the client’.

Employment – tier 2
Next Generation Partners: Leonid Gilevich
The team ‘provides the full scope of legal support, including procedures for foreigners and foreign legal entities‘. Clients are excited to ‘get assistance 24/7 all year long if necessary’. It is ‘extremely responsive and very practical’.

Leonid Gilevich provides ‘outstanding client service and has the ability to solve problems and suggest practical solutions’ , ‘very good support, swift feedback and flexibility.’ He has ‘strong expertise in employment issues and provided us with great employment agreements’.

Private Client tier 2
Leading Individuals: Mikhail Ilyashev, Roman Marchenko
Rising Stars: Nina Bets
Ilyashev & Partners focuses predominantly on complex domestic and international litigation for high-net-worth individuals, including disputes relating to assets, inheritance matters, tax and sanctions. It also advises on international divorce and child custody matters, unmarried couples’ rights and financial settlements. The team is ‘reliable and respects confidentiality and works at its best for your comfort’. It has ‘strong knowledge of law and practice, provable experience and an international reputation’. The team has ‘three key strengths: it has experts in almost every single field; it has strong technical skills in Ukrainian and international taxation; and it has complete control over the details’.

Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘a creative and business-minded leader when engineering complex schemes’. Nina Bets is ‘a newcomer, but we feel that she is really committed’.

Real Estate and Constructiontier 2
Rising Stars – Dmytro Hrybov
Ilyashev & Partners’ work on real estate, land use and construction matters covers acquisitions and disposals, due diligence issues and real estate portfolio audits, the structuring of construction projects, and contentious matters. Renowned litigator and ‘highly reliable expert in the real estate and construction industries‘ Mikhail Ilyashev leads the practice.

Client said that ‘the presence of the Ilyashev & Partners in the cities and regions of our company’s activities makes it flexible and fast in representing its clients interests’. Dmytro Hrybov is ‘goal-oriented and practical expert in project developments. He has really solid expertise in construction contracts and construction and renovation projects’.

Tax – tier 2
Leading Individuals: Roman Marchenko
Rising Stars: Nina Bets
The team ‘comes with long-standing experience ‘they have the ability to think beyond and go deeply into studying projects. It is a very capable team with very good capacity’. It has ‘great technicians in multi-jurisdictional issues who truly care about clients‘.

Roman Marchenko is ‘a well-known and respected lawyer who has a deep knowledge of international tax’. He has ‘a strategic vision of matters and he always covers all sides of the issue’. Nina Bets is ‘really focuses on the interests of her client while remaining deal-driven’. Nina ‘helps greatly with the tactical and business aspects’.

Energytier 3
Ilyashev & Partners is ‘very well connected throughout Ukraine and Russia, and works extremely well as co-counsel with European lawyers’. Ilyashev & Partners is ‘a well-reputed law firm with good experience in all the different aspects of a deal’. The team is ‘proact ive, dynamic and always very responsive’. ‘I find the firm to be extremely dynamic and professional. Its availability and speed are great advantages’ client said.

Mikhail Ilyashev is ‘insightful and knows how to proceed on the strategic side’. He is ‘one of the hardest-working lawyers I have come across’.

Restructuring and insolvencytier 4
‘An efficient team for matters in Moscow and Kyiv’ headed by Dmitry Konstantinov. Ilyashev & Partners has a fully dedicated insolvency and financial restructuring department. The group also leverages its strength in Ukraine to represent Ukrainian clients in Russia, and Russian clients in Ukraine.