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Nina Bets Held a Webinar on Rules for Interaction with the Tax Authorities

News date: 15 March 2021

On 11 March 2021, Nina Bets, the Head of Tax Practice at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm, held a webinar on rules for individual entrepreneurs’ interaction with the tax authorities. The event was organized by the educational platform for entrepreneurs SME ONLINE Hub, created by the Unlimit Ukraine project of the European Business Association (EBA) and Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

Nina Bets explained what are the services the taxpayers can apply for to the tax authorities, how to get individual tax advice, how to properly fill in a request for it and what privileges does it provide, and also talked about the new nuances of electronic cash registers use and the practical aspects of choosing a single tax group.

“The State Tax Service performs not only a fiscal but also a servicing function, namely, it provides services to the taxpayers. However, the business representatives are often puzzled with questions: what services and where should we go? In particular, the taxpayers are not aware that they can address the fiscal authorities for an individual advice, which will provide them with explanations of the law provisions and release from the liability stipulated by the Tax Code”, – Nina Bets said.

The webinar was attended by more than 400 entrepreneurs being the participants of the SME ONLINE Hub project.

SME Hub is an intensive educational program allowing small and medium-sized business owners to acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills to successfully do their business in Ukraine and abroad from the professional business practitioners of large corporations.