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The Commercial Court of Kyiv City Granted in Full the Claim of Bradwin Trading Limited in the Conflict Over Lira-2000 LLC and Office Center on the Slavy Square

News date: 3 February 2015

The Commercial Court of Kyiv City granted in full the claim of Bradwin Trading Limited in case regarding the conflict over Lira-2000 LLC and office center on the Slavy Square leased by the World Bank.

According to the court decision, the ownership right of the company Bradwin Trading Limited to a controlling stake in the amount of 75.2701%, in the authorized capital of Lira-2000 LLC was reinstated, and the ownership right of Lira-2000 LLC to the office center located at: 1 Dniprovsky Spusk, was restored.

Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm, representing Bradwin Trading Limited, is completely satisfied with the court decision. “The court thoroughly considered the circumstances of the case and “disclosed” a multilevel scheme of misappropriation of property of Bradwin Trading Limited. Now we hope that the law enforcement authorities will sort out the situation and bring those involved in the misappropriation of property to criminal responsibility”, Ilyashev & Partners comments on the court decision.