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Head of International Trade Practice at Ilyashev & Partners Will Hold a Seminar with Ukrainian Diplomats

News date: 14 July 2021

On 22 July 2021, Olena Omelchenko, Partner and Head of International Trade Practice at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm, will hold a seminar with Ukrainian diplomats devoted to the trade defense instruments allowed by WTO rules.

With a view to promote Ukrainian goods in foreign markets, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine invited Olena Omelchenko to exchange experience in the practice of trade defense in Ukraine and abroad.

“In recent years, Ukraine has made progress in protecting the national market, – said Olena Omelchenko. – However, Ukrainian exporters remain vulnerable to external threats. The strive of Ukrainian diplomats for having a platform to exchange the experience in trade defense meets the latest needs of exporters and society’s demand for an active economic policy of Ukraine in the international arena”.

According to Olena Omelchenko, Ukraine’s trading partners actively protect the national producers by conducting trade investigations and applying various trade defense mechanisms. As of July 2021, there are 37 trade measures imposed on Ukrainian exports: 33 anti-dumping duties, 3 safeguard duties and 1 additional duty. The largest number of existing measures is applied by the United States (7), the Eurasian Economic Union (6), Mexico (5) and Canada (3). Nine measures previously imposed on a wide range of metallurgical products are now pending review for the purpose of extension.

“Fourteen WTO member states, including associations and unions, impose anti-dumping and/or special duties on Ukrainian goods, – said Olena Omelchenko. – In addition to the existing measures, new investigations have been initiated in a number of countries, following which the list of restrictions may be expanded”.