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Dmitry Konstantinov Delivers a Speech at Pravo.ru Сonference “Bankruptcy – 2021: Regulation and Litigation”

News date: 11 November 2021

Dmitry Konstantinov, the Counsel of Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm and Head of Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Practice in Russia, delivered a speech at Pravo.ru Conference “Bankruptcy – 2021: Regulation and Litigation”, that took place on 11 November 2021 in Moscow.

In his report called “Extrajudicial Bankruptcies – Is It Possible to Use This Mechanism for Business?” Dmitry Konstantinov spoke about the need and prospects for the development of the cram down concept in Russian bankruptcy law.

Dmitry spoke about the regulation of those existing bankruptcy procedures, in which this mechanism could be included – a settlement agreement and financial recovery. Dmitry also mentioned the most famous foreign legal acts that use the cram down mechanism and the prospects for its appearance in the discussed draft of fundamental changes to the Russian bankruptcy law.

The session participants also discussed the change in the course of bankruptcy legislation from liquidation to restructuring: managing successful cross-border debt restructuring in emerging markets, reducing the workload of the courts and increasing the powers of arbitration managers.