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Kyiv Court Draws a Line Under the Dispute around Antonov Chief Executive

News date: 9 September 2014

In its order, the Circuit Administrative Court in Kyiv upheld the powers of Dmytro Kiva as the chief executive of Ukraine’s largest government-owned aircraft producer, Antonov, said the spokesman of Antonov counsel, Ilyashev & Partners.

The Court has set aside the Executive order of the Industrial Policy Ministry of 26 May 2014 dismissing Dmytro Kiva as the President and Chief Design Officer of Antonov with effect from 4 September 2014.

The court also barred the Industrial Policy Ministry and its officers as well as any third parties from taking any steps that might in any way prevent Dmytro Kiva from exercising his powers as Antonov chief executive.

Pursuant to Rule 118 of Ukraine’s Administrative Procedure Rules, the order was entered immediately.

“The Court made a perfect study into the caseб delivering a weighted ruling in a dispute between the 14,000-strong team of Ukrainian air giant and the Ministry of Industrial Policy. The court found that that the Ministry of Industrial Policy was liquidated by the Cabinet on 23 March 2014 by merging it with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. However, the Cabinet order so far remains frustrated, as the official personally appointed by Ukraine’s ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, continues to decide on highly important state matters”, Ilyashev & Partners said.

Under Section 382 of the Criminal Code, contempt of court order or trying to obstruct the enforcement of the same is an offence punishable by imprisonment for a term of eight years.

Previously, it was reported that the employees of Antonov refused to let the illegitimate interim CEO, Sergiy Merenkov, to company premises.

In 2006, Mr. Merenkov who was then an Antonov executive was fired for an unauthorized disclosure and denied any further access to sensitive information.