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“The team was recently visible advising on a number of pharmaceutical cases. Sources agree that the team is “moving in the right direction” and are particularly impressed by its work in the pharmaceutical sector”.


Ilyashev & Partners Successfully Protected the Domestic Producer From Increasing Imports of Polyurethane Foam


The International Trade team of Ilyashev & Partners successfully represented INTERFOAM Group of Companies during a special investigation on imports to Ukraine of flexible porous plates, blocks and sheets of polyurethane foam regardless of country of origin and export.

On May 26, 2016, the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade decided to apply a three-year special duty at 13.09% from the date of application of measures; 12.4% − 12 months after the date of application of measures; 11.81% − 24 months after the date of application of measures on imports into Ukraine of flexible porous plates, blocks and sheets of polyurethane foam.

Application of special measures will enable INTERFOAM Group of Companies to increase manufacturing and sales of the product, certainly save and create new jobs, provide the possibility of modernization, technical re-equipment of production and taking measures to reduce the cost of goods.

Special measures will be applied 40 days after the date of publication of the announcement in the Uryadovyi Kurier (Governmental Courier) Newspaper on May 28, 2016, No. 100, and by that time the appropriate notification of Ukraine in the WTO will precede.

Recall that since 2008, after joining the WTO Ukraine applied only special measures on import of motor cars, corrosion resistant tubes and pipes, matches and porcelain ware. However, at the last meeting of the WTO’s Committee on Safeguards the tendency was noted to increase application of protective measures in recent years worldwide.


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