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Roman Marchenko on the new office in Dnipropetrovsk

News date: 12 February 2014

Ilyashev & Partners’ Senior Partner Roman Marchenko
Source: The Yurydychna Praktyka

The opening of a new office in Dnipropetrovsk is part of Ilyashev & Partners’ integrated business development strategy. It is aimed at simplifying business processes, facilitating communications with existing clients in central regions and winning new connections.

“Of course, as with our recent launch in Kharkiv, the scale of operations in Dnipropetrovsk is far smaller than in Kyiv. However, we see this new opening, in the first place, as an opportunity to promote our services and respond to our clients’ needs. Managing our practice in the south is effectively easier from Dnipropetrovsk. And we believe this new launch will prove profitable”, Ilyashev & Partners’ Senior Partner Roman Marchenko said commenting on the opening.

“Our rates are quite competitive as there is a regional discount. We are betting that we can capture our share of market in Dnipropetrovsk by targeting, in particular, at local clients’ projects. Take litigation which is one of our core practices. Now, as one team, we will be able to work on all stages of a project delivering greater value to our clients”, Marchenko said.

According to him, Dnipropetrovsk office will need to attract new clients, for which purpose it has been granted sufficient discretion in negotiations. “We expect this to be a two-way road – our existing clientele will be able to benefit from our new operations in Dnipropetrovsk, and there will be an extra drive to our new clients in choosing Ilyashev & Partners because it has offices in three major business centres”, Marchenko said. Marchenko is sure that existing partnerships with top international law firms will secure high-end advice for its clients abroad.

By Oleksiy Nasadyuk
The Yurydychna Praktyka