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Nina Bets Held a Webinar on What Should the Entrepreneurs Expect from the Tax Legislation in 2021?

News date: 4 February 2021

On 2 February 2021, Nina Bets, the tax lawyer at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm, held a webinar on What Should the Entrepreneurs Expect from the Tax Legislation in 2021. The event was organized by the educational platform for entrepreneurs SME ONLINE Hub, created by the Unlimit Ukraine project of the European Business Association (EBA) and Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

The event was aimed to help small and medium-sized businesses to understand the tax changes coming into force in 2021 and the tax calculations applied to different tax groups, and to prepare for the lifting of moratorium on tax audits.

It will be recalled that at the end of 2020, a number of amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine were adopted, which directly affect the rights and obligations of the single tax payers. In particular, starting from 2021, the maximum amount of income of individual entrepreneurs has been increased, the area limits of private real estate for rent have been increased, the unified reporting on the single tax and the SSC has been introduced.

The webinar was attended by more than 1000 entrepreneurs being the participants of the SME ONLINE Hub project.

SME Hub is an intensive educational program allowing small and medium-sized business owners to acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills to successfully do their business in Ukraine and abroad from the professional business practitioners of large corporations.