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Dmitry Konstantinov Delivered a Speech at the INSOL Europe’s Conference Tectonic Changes in the Eastern European Insolvency

News date: 11 December 2020

Dmitry Konstantinov, the Сounsel and Head of Insolvency and Financial Restructuring in Russia at Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm, delivered a speech and moderated the session called Financing Companies in Difficulty During Coronavirus Times at the conference Tectonic Changes in the Eastern European Insolvency. The annual conference of the Eastern European Countries’ Committee INSOL Europe took place on 3 December 2020.

The panel work was devoted to the legal regulation of investments during the current crisis and to the emerging legal risks for investors. By the example of three jurisdictions – the Czech Republic, Latvia and Russia – the session speakers considered the possible approaches to the non-bank investment and also noted the impact of the EU acquis communautaire on the field.

“In Russia, where the EU directives do not apply, the investments in times of crisis do not have a special legal regime and, therefore, entail the same legal risks as those made in normal times: it is primarily about the subordination of investors’ claims and the ability to challenge separate transactions”, – Dmitry Konstantinov said.

Dmitry Konstantinov is the coordinator of INSOL Europe in Russia for 2019-2021. Dmitry is responsible for the formation and implementation of the organization’s development strategy in Russia, strengthening ties between INSOL and the national authorities in the insolvency and financial recovery fields.

INSOL Europe is a leading European organization in the field of insolvency, restructuring and solvency, bringing together more than 1 200 experts. The goals of INSOL Europe include, inter alia, the study and development of restructuring and insolvency law, techniques and practice in Europe.