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The fight against corruption


Roman Marchenko, Senior Partner, Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm

The fight against corruption is a priority for the new leadership of the Ministry of Justice in the opinion of society and business. Currently, the society highly demands eradication of unscrupulous officials, prosecutors, judges, etc. In this regard both citizens and entrepreneurs put high hopes on the new Minister of Justice. The present head of the agency needs to have a strong desire to implement anti-corruption policies, as the previous leaders mainly declared the need to implement anti-corruption mechanisms.

However, actually the words did not meet the actions. The public rightly advocates minimizing bureaucratic procedures, such as reducing the number of permits, transparent and clear business environment and use of budgetary funds. The new Minister of Justice is to resolve immediately a range of issues, namely the need to reform the pledged property disposal system, which is one of the most corrupt in the country. The system has to be put in order. Considering extremely low operational efficiency and extremely high level of corruption, the activities of the State Enforcement Service is certainly no less acute problem. Designation of legal counsels, who represent our country in the international courts, also raises many questions.

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