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Court Declared Illegal Change of Management of SE Antonov


Today, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv granted in full a joint claim of Dmytro Kiva and SE Antonov, declared illegal and quashed the order of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine No. 29-D of May 26, 2014 on dismissal of D. S. Kiva from the post of the President-General Designer of State Enterprise Antonov.

logo-antonovThe court declared illegal and cancelled registration of S. Merenkov as the President of SE Antonov in the Unified State Register by the Main Department of Justice in the City of Kyiv.

“In 2006, Sergiy Merenkov who was then an Antonov executive was fired for an unauthorized disclosure and denied any further access to sensitive information. It is absolutely inacceptable that this man is being forced through as the chief executive of 14,000-strong team by Yanukovych-appointed Ministry, which is in fact in liquidation”,  Ilyashev & Partners emphasized.

Previously, it was reported that in July 2014 O. Kalenkov, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, ordered designation of S. Merenkov as Acting President of SE Antonov.  Back on March 23, 2014, the Government decided to liquidate the Ministry of Industrial Policy by its joining to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. On August 1 and September 3 this year, the team of SE Antonov did not allow S. Merenkov with his accompanying “titushky” to the premises. On September 3 and 4, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv approved rulings on injunctive relief confirming authorities of D.S. Kiva as the President of SE Antonov (the rulings were upheld by the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal, further appeal is not allowed). On October 1, the Government dismissed O. Kalenkov “due to liquidation of the Ministry”. In November 2014, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv declared invalid the order appointing S. Merenkov as the President of SE Antonov.

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