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Andriy Lytvyn, lawyer, Ilyashev&Partners
Source: The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law

On 25 March 2014 the Act of Ukraine on Introduction of Changes to the On Executing Public Procurements Act as to Strengthening of Transparency of Purchases of Enterprises, No.1156-VI was adopted. Is this Act efficient from the standpoint of reform of the public purchases sector?

On April 20 2014 the new On Public Procurements Act of Ukraine No.1197-VII went into effect. It is necessary to notice that the following helpful changes came about due to this Act:

– The list of cases which are not under the On Public Procurements Act was cut down. Such change should make the environment of public procurements in Ukraine more competitive and should also help to use governmental resources more efficiently.

– The Article “Public control in the area of public procurements” was added to the Act. The article fixed provisions under which representatives of mass media and public associations have the right to be present during the procedures of disclosure of competitive procurement offers. This will help to make the procedure of public procurements more transparent;

The Act made some changes to the other acts that regulate relationships in the area of public procurements in Ukraine.

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